Mia's Face & Body Painting

Frequently Asked Questions

For a birthday party and a small event, Mia will bring face paints, tools, a table and chairs. Please have a minimum 4×4 space with lights.
For a big event and a festival, if you could provide a table and chairs that helps her a lot.
If you would like her to work outside, her location needs to be protected from the weather (sun, wind, rain).
Tent rental is available. ($20 or no charge for 3+ hour booking)

Mia will accept cash, e-transfer, business cheque, debit card and major credit card (VISA/Master/AMEX).

It depends on what kind of designs you would like to have.
Complicated designs take longer, the size doesn’t matter. For instance, a rainbow on a cheek: 2 mins, a hockey team logo on a cheek: 5 mins or more.
If you would like her to paint as many as possible, she can bring a design list that she can paint less than 5 mins.
It is simply painting time, doesn’t include the time to sanitize her station for each person.
*For a birthday party, maximum 10 faces (small design) in 1 hour. 

The paint will wash off with soap and warm water. Cleansing cream works better.

Although Mia uses safe paints, some paints are not recommended for children under 36 months.
If their skin happens to react, they are too small to handle it and it might turn into a big problem. This is a safety issue to protect them.
I understand that the parents would think their little ones look cute with face painting, but safety first!

Yes, she can arrange it for you. Please contact her.

For non-profit organizations, the fee is discounted. Please go to the page “services” > “Face Painting”>”Fundraising”, you will find the fee there.
And, Mia donates some of her annual earnings to a charity that she chooses every year. This is her way to give something back to her communities.

Mia has no set dates for workshops at the moment.
She talks to you and together we will decide the date that works best for everyone.